WHITE 1 Triggered Salute front right hand direct push
2 Obscure Wing right flank, left hand shoulder grab
3 Delayed Sword right hand lapel grab or right punch
4 Alternating Maces two hand front push
5 Sword of Destruction left roundhouse punch
YELLOW 1 DELAYED SWORD right hand lapel grab or right punch
2 ALTERNATING MACES two hand front push
3 SWORD OF DESTRUCTION left roundhouse punch
4 DEFLECTING HAMMER right side thrust kick
5 CAPTURED TWIGS rear bear hug- arms pinned
6 GRASP OF DEATH left flank head lock
7 CHECKING THE STORM right overhead club
8 MACE OF AGGRESSION two hand lapel grab
9 ATTACKING MACE right step-through punch
10 SWORD AND HAMMER right flank shoulder grab
ORANGE 1 CLUTCHING FEATHERS Front left hand hair grab
2 3TRIGGERED SALUTE Front right hand direct push
3 DANCE OF DEATH Front straight right straight punch
5 6LOCKING HORNS Front head lock
6 LONE KIMONO Front left hand lapel grab
7 GLANCING SALUTE Front roundhouse right punch
8 FIVE SWORDS Front roundhouse right punch
10 GRIP OF DEATH Left flank right head lock
11 CROSSING TALON Front right cross wrist grab
12 SHIELDING HAMMER Front hooking left punch
13 THRUSTING SALUTE Front straight right snap kick
14 STRIKING SERPENT’S HEAD Front bear hug- arms free
15 LOCKED WING right rear hammerlock
16 OBSCURE WING Right flank, left hand shoulder grab
17 REVERSING MACE Front straight left punch
18 BUCKLING BRANCH Front straight left kick
19 THRUSTING PRONGS Front bear hug- arms pinned
20 TWISTED TWIG Front wrist lock
21 OBSCURE SWORD right flank, left hand shoulder grab
22 REPEATING MACE Front left hand push
23 RAINING CLAW Front uppercut right punch
24 CRASHING WINGS Rear bear hug- arms free
PURPLE 1 TWIRLING WINGS Left rear stiff arm shoulder grab
  2 SNAPPING TWIG Front left hand chest push
  3 LEAPING CRANE Right front step through punch
  4 SWINGING PENDULUM Front right roundhouse kick
  5 CRUSHING HAMMER Rear bear hug- arms pinned
  6 CAPTURED LEAVES Right flank finger lock
  7 EVADING THE STORM Right front overhead club
  8 CHARGING RAM Front tackle
  9 PARTING WINGS Front two hand push
  10 THUNDERING HAMMERS Front step through right punch
  11 1SQUEEZING THE PEACH Rear bear hug- arms pinned
  12 CIRCLING WING Rear two hand choke- arms bent
13 CALMING THE STORM Front right step through roundhouse club
14 DARTING MACE Front two hand wrist grab
15 HOOKING WINGS Front two hand low push
16 SHIELD AND SWORD Left front straight through punch
17 GIFT IN RETURN Handshake
18 BOW OF COMPULSION Front wrist lock against opponent’s chest
19 OBSTRUCTING THE STORM right overhead club
20 TWIN KIMONO Front two-hand lapel grab- push out
21 SLEEPER Front right step though straight punch
22 SPIRALING TWIG Rear bear hug- arms free
23 CROSS OF DESTRUCTION Rear two hand choke
24 FLIGHT TO FREEDOM Rear hammerlock